The Original Sand-Bar

The Original Sand-Bar is a unique and functional combination, ice holder, drink holder and beverage caddy, that's sure to be a hit at your next party or gathering.

The Sand-Bar was originally designed to sit in the sand between 2 to 4 beach chairs and function as a stable table to suspend your drinks up off the ground. The Sand-Bar concept was designed to eliminate upset cups, beverage containers and spillage due to uneven surfaces.

Today, we sell the Original Sand-Bar to multitudes of individuals and companies for a variety of functions and activities including: tailgate parties, hot rod events, backyard parties, weddings, anniversaries, swap meets, fishing trips, boat outings, river trips, camping (great by the camp fire), RV outings, and more.

In our experience, as soon as someone sees the Sand-Bar, they know exactly where they can use it!

It's just darn fun to have one, and enjoy the look on your guest's faces the first time they see and use it.


The table top is divided visually into quadrants, each identified by punched corner holes (1 - 4) to make it easy to keep track of what’s what!

The smaller, slotted hole is designed to accommodate stem ware such as wine glasses, champaign flutes and margarita glasses. Shot glasses rest securely in this spot too!

The larger hole accepts just about any taper sided cup, glass or beverage container. Drop in our optional “beverage hanger” or a tapered plastic cup, and most all standard straight sided beverage cans and bottles can be held in place!

The Original Sand-Bar not only holds your ice, (7 lbs.) and drinks, it functions as a small table top too.

Your drinks rest suspended up off the ground, sand, grass, etc. Regardless of what you are drinking, the Sand-Bar will accommodate almost any size beverage container. For example, (4) beer glasses; (4) margarita glasses; (4) shot glasses, or (4) champagne flutes.

It's also capable of holding 16 oz. styrofoam and plastic cups just as easily (these also work great for holding cans and bottles to. Plus, you can equip the Original Sand-Bar with our optional bottle/can hangers and accommodate most all standard size straight sided beverage containers... bottle or can!


What's the Story!?

Well, it all started as a special gift I built for a close friend. I own and operate a specialty sheet metal fabrication business so I had all the stuff around to fab this "gift" up.

We all had so much fun using The Sand-Bar, I made a couple of more, incorporating some refinements and modifications along the way to make The Sand-Bar even more functional and fun to use!

Now, family and friends use the Original Sand-Bar almost daily for one thing or another, and The Sand-Bar following is growing by leaps and bounds daily!

I like good, well built stuff... and that's the way we build each and every Sand-Bar... so you can enjoy it for years to come!

We truly hope you'll enjoy yours as much as we do ours!